Macedonian First League – Round 16

Vardar - Milano Vardar's fifth match without a win, but this time after the four draws they were defeated at home by Milano with 2:4 and the seven red cards on the other four matches, have marked round 16 of the Macedonian first league.

Vardar Skopje – Milano Kumanovo 2:4 (2:3)photo gallery
14' Pacovski(p), 36' Bajevski(p) – 16' 18' 21' Gligorovski, 55' Alimi
The most famous and the club with most trophies in Macedonia, FK Vardar, continued with their bad performances and were humiliated on the Gradski stadium in Skopje by Milano. Before the match, Vardar's players stated that they are not playing bad and they were not winning because they had no luck, but today some of them proved that they don't deserve to wear Vardar's colors.
Because of the suspension and because of Vardar's away matches in the previous four rounds, after three months, finally Vardar's fans were able to give the support for their team on the home pitch. But the less then a thousand fans who came to see the most interesting match of this round, left the stadium with huge disappointment.
After the few minutes of cautious play by both sides, Milisavljevic entered Milano's box and was fouled by Cuculi. The referee Boshkov whistled for a penalty. Unusual situation happened in the 14th minute when Vardar's goalkeeper Pacovski decided to take the penalty and luckily for him he was more successful then his colleague Nuredinovski and took Vardar in the lead. But Pacovski's luck ended there. In the 16th minute after a free kick from the right side, a small mess was made in front of the goal. Pacovski failed to get the ball and Gligorovski scored the equalizer. Only two minutes later, Pacovski tried to kick out the ball, but hit one of his players and it finished in Gligorovski's leg who didn't find it hard to score another goal. In just five minutes, Ivica Gligorovski assured his hat-trick when Alimi assisted him from the left side.
Even though it was too late, Vardar's players woke up after Milano's 1:3 lead and played more motivated. In the 36th minute one of Milano's defenders played with a hand in the box and Vardar was awarded another penalty. Aleksandar Bajevski scored this time and returned Vardar's hopes for better performance in the second half and annulling Milano's lead.
But after the break, Vardar failed to improve the performance and they were punished for that in the 55th minute. Armend Alimi took a free kick from 30 meters and with a fantastic shot managed to beat Pacovski for the fourth time today. This goal demoralized Vardar's players who played one of their worst matches this season. With absolute no idea, no play, no creativity and low percent of completed passes, Vardar didn't create any chance. Milano controlled the match and successfully kept the lead. Towards the end of the match they even had the chance to score fifth goal when Trajkovski hit the goalpost.

After the match, Milano's coach Bilbil Sokoli stated that they deserved the victory because they were better then Vardar, even though Milano's players can play even better.
Vardar's coach Milko Gjurovski didn't gave a statement after the match because of the meeting with Vardar's disappointed board right after the match.

Pobeda Prilep – Makedonija GjP Skopje 1:2 (0:1)
90' Nestoroski – 45' Lena, 70' De Brito
Makedonija continued their fast run towards the first league title in the history of the club. This time they managed to outplay and defeat former champions Pobeda in Prilep.
The guests started the match with and initiative towards Pobeda's goal, but after the starting pressure, the hosts answered on the challenge and they also started attacking. The fans on the "Goce Delcev" stadium in Prilep, were able to see interesting and fast performance on both sides, but no real scoring chances. The biggest excitement came in the last minute of the first half when Makedonija had a free kick on 25 meters from Pobeda's goal. Nijazi Lena sent nice shot and scored. But this goal brought big protests by Pobeda's players and stuff because the goals was scored while the defenders were still taking their places in the wall.
Makedonija controlled the play in the second half. With cautions play, they kept the lead and even doubled it in the 70th minute when De Brito after couple of nice moves, shot from the right side and beat goalkeeper Vrteski. The hosts then struggled to create a scoring chance for lowering or equalizing the score. In the last minute of the match, Jusofovski was fouled in the box. Ilija Nestoroski took the penalty kick and the goalkeeper Pavlovic managed to save it, but the blocked ball came again in Nestoroski's feet who this time was successful and set the final 1:2.

Pelister Bitola – Renova Dzepciste 0:1 (0:0)
62' Todorovski
Another bad result for Pelister and seventh match without a win for the team from Bitola. Today they continued the tradition of bad results against Renova and the current score in the mutual matches are 0 won matches for Pelister, only 1 draw and 8 wins for Renova. This time Pelister were defeated even though they had a player more for more then 50 minutes. In the 38th minute, Junior with a fast attack broke alone in front and was fouled by Despotovski who was sent off because of the foul. But the players advantage didn't give Pelister advantage in the result. The hosts unsuccessfully tried to threaten on Renova's goal but at the same time Renova used Pelister's initiative for threatening with fast counter attacks. In the 62nd minute after a fast counter attack by Nuhiu, Blagoja Todorovski scored the opening goal for Renova's lead with a player less. Pelister tried to equalize the score and made a pressure towards Renova's goal, but failed to create goal scoring chances. Pelister's incapability for getting a positive result even with a player more, caused big nervous between the players. In the 89th minute Toni Veljanovski and Shakir Redzepi were sent off because of the brawl. At the same time Stisniovski threw a bottle on the pitch from the substitutes bench and he also received a red card, even if he was only a substitute.
After this round, Pelister is still on the 10th position with only 12 points, while Renova with the win today climbed on the 3rd position.

Metalurg Skopje – Rabotnicki Skopje 0:1 (0:1)
38' Milusev(og)
Reigning champions Rabotnicki finally managed to get the first away win this season. Bottom placed Metalurg, lead by Rabotnicki's former coach Jovanovski and strengthened with three ex-Rabotnicki players, were expected to have high motivation and use Rabotnicki's bad form on away matches. But Rabotnicki's players took the controll and had more of the possesion. Both sides played attacking football but struggled to create serious chance for scoring. In the 38th minute, Savic sent a high cross towards Kirovski in the box who missed the ball and it came Metalurg's player Milusev who tried to kick out the ball, but it ended in his net. Only few minutes later, Bojan Mihajlovic who started the season in Rabotnicki, received a second yellow card and left Metalurg with ten player on the pitch.
In the second half, Rabotnicki used the advantage of the players and controlled the match. They created few good chances but Savic, Kirovski and Ljamcevski missed their good goal scoring opportunities. Towards the end of the match Metalurg had a chance to equalize, but Georgievski saved Stojanovski's header. 

Sileks Kratovo – Horizont Turnovo 4:0 (1:0)
45' Stupic(p), 62' Markovski, 77' Gligorov, 80' Gjorgjevic
Turnovo resisted to Sileks for 45 minutes. It was the last minute of the first half when Turnovo's Aleksandar Krstev earned his incredible fourth red card this season. Sileks was awarded a penalty kick and Bosko Stupic took Sileks in the lead.
With the lead from the first half and a player more on the pitch, it was much easier for Sileks in the second half. Blagojce Markovski scored for 2:0 in the 62nd minute. In the 77th minute Gligor Gligorov scored for 3:0 and also Turnovo's goalkeeper Tome Pandev was sent off. Few minutes later, Vladica Đorđević sealed the victory by scoring for 4:0.

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