Macedonia situation clarified

 Press release from UEFA:

UEFA, together with world football's governing body FIFA, have been satisfied by recent developments relating to the Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) which have restored statutory legality to the national association.

Situation rectified
UEFA and FIFA had given the FFM a deadline of 15 June to apply the necessary standards to its affairs following internal problems in the local football community and external interference of various kinds. An initial failure to meet this deadline resulted in the emergency committees of both FIFA and UEFA being consulted and deciding to suspend the federation. However, prior to the announcement of this suspension, scheduled for today, the situation regarding the FFM has been rectified, with the return to the association headquarters of the officials recognised by the world and European organisations and their reinstallation.

Two measures
UEFA and FIFA are pleased that the stakeholders in Macedonian football have shown good sense – and have adopted the following measures:

• With the enforcement of the suspension of the FFM being deferred from today, Macedonian clubs will be permitted to take part in the European competitions for which they are registered.

• FIFA and UEFA will send a delegation to Skopje in the next few weeks to hold talks with all parties to the internal conflict as well as with the Macedonian authorities. The purpose of this visit is to examine the general situation concerning the FFM and to propose measures aimed at strengthening short and long-term unity in the country's football community while respecting the statutory principles of both UEFA and FIFA.

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