EQ: Macedonia finally defeated by Italy (Video)

After two draws and a win for Macedonia, Italy finally celebrates against our national team after a bad first half in which we conceded three goals.

photo by FIGC

From the beginning of the match, the home team started strongly towards our goal, quickly shook the net, but their first goal was canceled due to offside. A shot by Chiesa and a save by Dimitrievski followed, but we conceded a goal right after. It was the 17th minute when after a cross from Raspadori, Darmian found himself alone in front of our goal and scored a goal with his head.

In the 40th minute, Italy won a penalty when Serafimov played with his hand in the box and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Jorginho tried to surprise Dimitrievski with his characteristic move, but the Macedonian goalkeeper was more successful and saved his shot.

Immediately after that, Chiesa entered the scene and in a short time he scored two goals and at halftime Italy had a convincing 3-0 lead.

After seven minutes of play in the second half, Jani Atanasov assisted by Alioski beat Donnarumma for 3:1.

In the 74th minute, Macedonia completely returned to the game. Atanasov scored another goal with a long-range shot and a little help from Acerbi. Macedonia scored for 3:2 and silenced Olimpico for a moment.

But with ten minutes to go, Raspadori scored to make it 4:2 and dashed our hopes of surprising Italy once again. In extra time El Shaarawy also scored and set the final score 5:2 for Italy.

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