FIFA rankings

Macedonia drops to 103rd on FIFA rankings list

FIFA rankings Macedonia has dropped ten positions on the latest FIFA rankings list and now finds itself in 103rd place.

333 points or 10 fewer points then the previous month for Macedonia who has now fallen below 100.  Is there anything else to say?  Macedonia sinks even further on the FIFA rankings list and is there a way back given the current form and atmosphere within the national team?

Macedonia is by far the worst-ranked team in the Balkans as the two closest national teams near Macedonia are Bulgaria in the 85th position and Albania which is in 75th place.

Macedonia is also the worst-ranked team from the teams in Group A for the 2014 World Cup qualifications.  Croatia occupies the 8th position, Serbia 27th, Belgium 41st, Scotland 49th, and Wales 50th, so all other teams in the group are in the top 50 while Macedonia is not even in the top 100.

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