Ljuboten wins third league promotion!

The oldest Macedonian club after four years in the fourth league eventually won promotion to get back on a higher level.

photo by FK Ljuboten Tetovo: the players celebrate winning 4.MFL Tetovo

Ljuboten from Tetovo, former 99 years ago is the oldest active Macedonian football club. But they are far from the highest level of Macedonian football. Stuck in the fourth league group Tetovo for four years, eventually they saw a bit of joy.

The past weekend the team sealed the title in its competition and therefore won a place in the 3.MFL West for next season. With a round to go, Ljuboten has a stunning record of 13 wins, 1 draw and no defeats! The only draw was against main rivals Dobroshti away.

Last time they played in the third league was in the season 2013/14 when they got disqualified. Despite being the oldest club in the country, they have played only 3 seasons in the first league in the first years after the independence. After the relegation to the 2.MFL West in 1995/96, they made a huge fall by going right to the third league ending the season as dead last. The club never came back from that fall. The closest they got was in 2007/08 when the won the 3.MFL West but did not win promotion as lost the play-off against Kozhuf.

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