Liechtenstein squad announced

Team photo of Liechtenstein from 2016; photo: LFVHere is the squad list with which Liechtenstein will face Macedonia in the upcoming World Cup qualifier in Vaduz.

Austrian coach Rene Pauritsch who leads Liechtenstein revealed the 23-player squad from which he will chose the starting 11 for the 2018 World Cup qualifier against Macedonia on March 24 at home in Vaduz.

The squad consists of mostly domestic-based played, but keep in mind that the team of Vaduz actually competes in the Swiss top flight. Probably the most prominent name on the list is the player of Serie A side Empoli, Marcel Büchel. The Blues-reds will be without defensive midfielder Sandro Wieser of Championship side Reading as he is out with a bone bruise.

Earlier on Monday, Macedonia announced the squad as well. Click here to view it.

Benjamin Büchel – Oxford United England
Peter Jehle – Vaduz Liechtenstein
Claudio Majer – Balzers Liechtenstein

Pascal Foser – Balzers Liechtenstein
Maximilian Göppel – Vaduz Liechtenstein
Jens Hofer – Düdingen Switzerland
Andreas Malin – Dornbirn Austria
Ivan Quintans – Eschen/Mauren Liechtenstein
Martin Rechsteiner – Balzers Liechtenstein
Seyhan Yildiz – Balzers Liechtenstein

Daniel Brändle – St. Andrews Malta
Martin Büchel – Unterföhring Germany
Franz Burgmeier – Vaduz Liechtenstein
Nicolas Hasler – Vaduz Liechtenstein
Aron Sele – Balzers Liechtenstein
Mathias Sele – Eschen/Mauren Liechtenstein
Sandro Wolfinger – Wolfratshausen Germany

Marcel Büchel – Empoli Italy
Yanick Frick – Altach Austria
Philippe Erne – Balzers Liechtenstein
Robin Gubser – Balzers Liechtenstein
Niklas Kieber – Eschen/Mauren Liechtenstein
Dennis Salanović – Rapperswil-Jona Switzerland

The qualifier will take place at the Rheinpark stadium in the capital city of Vaduz with a kick-off at 20.45 CET.

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