Liechtenstein squad announced

The national team coach of Liechtenstein announced the list of player that he will bring to Skopje for the upcoming Nations League match against Macedonia.

photo by LFV: part of Liechtenstein players after the win over Gibraltar in September


Rene Pauritsch released a list of 23 players with few changes from a year ago when Liechtenstein was defeat with 4:0 in Strumica in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers. Out of the squad because of injury are Ivan Quintans and Simon Kühne, but back is midfielder Marcel Büchel who is part of Serie A side Empoli. However, he hasn’t played a single minute in Italy this season.

Also, attacker Dennis Salanović is not available for the match against Macedonia as he must serve a yellow card suspension.

Besides the two reserve keepers Hobi and Ospelt, the third player that waits for his debut among this team is Marco Wolfinger.

Benjamin Büchel – Vaduz Liechtenstein
Thomas Hobi – Hohenems Austria
Justin Ospelt – Vaduz II Liechtenstein

Fabien Eberle – Konolfingen Switzerland
Maximilian Göppel – Vaduz Liechtenstein
Michele Polverino
– Balzers Liechtenstein
Daniel Kaufmann – Balzers Liechtenstein
Andreas Malin – Dornbirn Austria
Martin Rechsteiner – Balzers Liechtenstein
Sandro Wieser – Vaduz Liechtenstein
Seyhan Yildiz – Balzers Liechtenstein

Martin Büchel – Zürich Switzerland
Vinzenz Flatz – Konolfingen Switzerland
Robin Gubser – Eschen/Mauren Liechtenstein
Nicolas Hasler – Chicago Fire
Livio Maier – Eschen/Mauren Liechtenstein
Aron Sele – Vaduz Liechtenstein
Marco Wolfinger – Balzers Liechtenstein
Sandro Wolfinger – Eschen/Mauren Liechtenstein

Marcel Büchel – Empoli Italy
Philippe Erne – Balzers Liechtenstein
Nicklas Kieber – Eschen/Mauren Liechtenstein
Dennis Salanović – Thun Switzerland

Macedonia will host Liechtenstein on the 13th at the National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje, while three days later Liechtenstein will travel to face Gibraltar. Both matches will kick-off at 20.45 CET.

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