Katanec lost the control over the team

Srecko KatanecAfter the resignation of Srečko Katanec and his statements where he claims that he resigned because of the ruined atmosphere and bad discipline in the team, the players gave their reactions in which they say that Katanec lost the control of the team and he tried to make conflicts.

In his resignation, Srečko Katanec stated:
 – 'I resigned not because we lost to Netherlands, they were stronger and had more quality, but because of the bad discipline and the specific attitude of some of the players. I really cannot understand how come one minor incident reflected so bad in our camp in Netherlands and led to dividing the players.'

Those statements where met with a big disapproval by the members of the Macedonian national team especially the captain Goce Sedloski:
 – 'The players had no influence on his resignation. As a captain of the national team, I assure that there's no dividing and groups between the players and we all live like one family. The nervous of Srečko Katanec started before the match against Bosnia and Herzegovina played in Zenica od March 26th, 2008 after which the Slovenian tried to make conflicts. I don't want to talk much about him at this time, but I know many things about Katanec and I will tell it in public soon. He wants to blame us now, but he will not succede in that.' said Sedloski for Spic.

We asked Macedonian national team striker Stevica Ristić for his thoughts and about his wish for the next coach:
 – 'I think that this is expected outcome because Srečko Katanec lost the control and his authority over the team. I think that he is partially guilty for the bad atmosphere and the bad results in the last period. I hope that it will be different with the new coach and we will manage to win the second position. I don't have my personal favourite for new coach and I only hope that with my performances and goals, I will assert my self and win my place in the first team.' said Stevica Ristić for MacedonianFootball.com

The rumors about the new coach have already started and the names who are mentioned as most possible replacement in the Macedonian national team are Cedomir Janevski, Bosko Gjurovski and Dragoljub Bekvalac.

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