ISI Cheshinovo 2014 to begin on Saturday

The 42nd edition of the “Ilinden Sports Games” will start on Saturday with a rich football schedule.

Like the previous editions, the ISI 2014 will also feature a football tournament. The hosts Cheshinovo will open the tournament on Saturday at 18.00 CET against the team of Banja with 14 other teams participating as well. Cheshinovo are not only hosts, but title holders as last year they won the tournament beating Sokolarci with 3:1 in the final. The grand final is scheduled for 2 August as on that date in one of the biggest Macedonian national holidays called Ilinden.

Winners of the last 4 editions:
2013 – Cheshinovo
2012 – Karbinci
2011 – Chiflik
2010 – Cheshinovo

The 16 teams are divided into four groups:

Group I

Group II
Group III Group IV
Cheshinovo Chiflik Karbinci Sokolarci
Beli Obleshevo Zrnovka Pishica
Spanchevo Tarinci Chardaklija Krupishte
Banja Krater Kuchichino Karaorman

Match schedule:

5 July
18.00 Cheshinovo vs. Banja

6 July
17.00 Pishica vs. Krupishte
19.00 Sokolarci vs. Karaorman

7 July
18.00 Beli vs. Spanchevo

8 July
17.00 Chiflik vs. Krater
19.00 Obleshevo vs. Tarinci

10 July
17.00 Karbinci vs. Kuchichino
19.00 Zrnovka vs. Chardaklija

12 July
17.00 Pishica vs. Karaorman
19.00 Sokolarci vs. Krupishte

13 July
17.00 Beli vs. Banja
19.00 Cheshinovo vs. Spanchevo

15 July
17.00 Obleshevo vs. Krater
19.00 Chiflik vs. Tarinci

17 July
17.00 Zrnovka vs. Kuchichino
19.00 Karbinci vs. Chardaklija

19 July
17.00 Krupishte vs. Karaorman
19.00 Pishica vs. Sokolarci

20 July
17.00 Banja vs. Spanchevo
19.00 Cheshinovo vs. Beli

22 July
17.00 Chiflik vs. Obleshevo
19.00 Krater vs. Tarinci

24 July
17.00 Karbinci vs. Zrnovka
19.00 Chardaklija vs. Kuchichino

26 July
17.00 winner Group II vs. runner-up Group IV (A)
19.00 runner-up Group II vs. winner Group IV (B)

27 July
17.00 winner Group I vs. runner-up Group III (V)
19.00 runner-up Group I vs. winner Group III (G)

29 July
18.00 winner game A vs. winner game V

31 July
18.00 winner game B vs. winner game G

2 August
17.00 Grand final

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