Interview with Daniel Krezić

Daniel Krezić (Macedonian spelling is Krezikj) is a Macedonian footballer who with his club Varbergs BoIS recently achieved promotion to Sweden’s top tier Allsvenskan. With this success, he will be able to show his qualities on a higher level and thus be a step closer to the Macedonian national team. Daniel was born in Sweden but unlike some other Swedish born players who refused Macedonia (Asanovski, Šakirovski, Kačaniklić, Rakip, Kuluševski) he decided to play for the country of his origin. This is his first interview with Macedonian Football.


Who is Daniel Krezić privately? What is your connection to Macedonia?
I’m just a regular guy, born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. As a person I’m always active, I find it hard to just stay at home all day and do nothing. So on my free time I always try to find something to do. I come from a Macedonian family. My mom and dad both grew up in Macedonia(my mom in the village of Dobrushevo near Bitola and my dad in Skopje), but met here in Sweden where they started a family.

Tell us something about your career development?
I started my football career in BK Häcken. I was 6 years old when my dad took me to my first practice, and ever since I have loved the game. So I started when I was 6 and spend my whole youth playing for BK Häcken until I turned 19 when I was told I would not make it to the first team. That’s when a team from the third division in Sweden contacted me. The team name was IK Oddevold. It felt like a step down for me, but I still took it. I spend 2,5 years at Oddevold until I finally got the chance to play in a higher division. This time it was Varbergs BoIS, they played in Superettan (second division). My first year was tough. We fought in negative qualification, but manage to stay in the division. But the next year (2019) we managed to take the big step up to Allsvenskan. So 2020 will be my first year in the top division (hopefully).

You usually play on the wing but which position suits you best?
Last 2 years I have played as a left wingback. It was a tough challenge which requires a lot of running and defending. It worked well for me. But I feel that my best position is higher up the field. Still in a wing position, but where I can put more focus on my offensive attributes.

You were born in Sweden and were eligible to play for 3 countries(Sweden, Macedonia and Bosnia/Herzegovina) but you decided to represent Macedonia internationally. Who or what influenced your decision to choose Macedonia and which Macedonian national teams have you played for, so far?
The main reason is that Macedonia always have shown an interest in me, and given me the chance. Therefore I feel like it’s always been the right choice for me. I have felt a great honor to put on the national team shirt. My dad also played a big role in me pursuing my dream as a player and pushed me to take the chance with the national team. I have represented U18 and U20 in the friendlies, U19 and U21 in the Euro-qualifications.


Are you familiar with the Macedonian Championship and the football in Macedonia in general and who’s your favorite Macedonian football club?
Yes, I’m familiar with the championship, even though I mostly follow it on the internet. I would say my favorite team has always been FK Vardar Skopje.

Have you seen the football matches that were played before you were born and can you compare football in the past with the one that is being played today?
I wouldn’t say I have watched a whole football match from the past, but I have definitely seen clips. I feel that the game has developed a lot since before my time. It seems that the players are much better both physically and tactically . But mostly I think that the tactics has changed. Some games nowadays can be less fun to watch, I’ve always enjoyed high pace games with less tactics.

Has any retired footballer impressed you and why? And someone who still plays?
I have always enjoyed players with speed and finesse, and I’ve watched a lot of clips with Ronaldinho and Ronaldo (R9). I like players that do the extra and have always loved to watch players like Messi and Neymar.

You’ll play for the first time in Allsvenskan. What are your expectations for the new season?
Mostly I expect a lot from myself. My goal is to make a big impression in my first season in Allsvenskan, and I know that I’m capable of. The second goal is to help myself and the team to keep the place in the top division. I’m looking forward for the season to start.

What are your expectations regarding the club and the national team career in the future?
I always aim higher. My goal is to keep developing and to take more steps forward in my career. A big dream for me would of course be to represent the national team in a big tournament, such as the EURO or World Cup.

Krezikj (R) in action against Slovakia U19; photo: FFM

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