Agim Ibraimi scored twice for Maribor in today's game; photo:

Agim Ibraimi scored brace for Maribor, including strike from 30 meters

Agim Ibraimi scored twice for Maribor in today's game; photo: delo.siAgim Ibraimi scored two goals for Maribor in today’s game against Mura, including a strike from about 30 meters for his second goal in the 66th minute.

Attacker Agim Ibraimi has enjoyed tremendous success against Mura this season.  In two games against Mura, Ibraimi has scored a total of four goals, two in each game.

Regarding today’s game, Agim scored his two goals in the 44th and 66th minute.  In the 44th minute, Ibraimi received a pass at the edge of the area before he fired a shot past the diving Mura keeper.  However, his best goal of the match came in the 66th minute when he unleashed a powerful left footed shot from around 30 meters that once again got past the opposing keeper. 

In addition, Agim also contributed to the first goal for his club in the 23rd minute when his shot, headed to the back of the net, was blocked by a Mura defender but the ball then reached Goran Cvijanović who was on target with a shot to the bottom right corner.

Maribor has a commanding lead in the Slovenian top division with a 15 point edge over second placed Olimpija Ljubljana who does have a game in hand.

To watch the highlights from the game, click here.

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