Macedonian national team, How do we turn it around?

How does Macedonia turn it around?

Macedonian national team, How do we turn it around?From watching the games over the past year, it doesn’t seem to matter which players are playing for Macedonia but the end result is always the same.  How do we get out of this crisis?

The national team players seem defeated even before the start of games and are playing with a lack of confidence.  When the opposing team scores a goal, there is this body language among the players of “here we go again” and then Macedonia collapses and is not able to bounce back.

Every game, we always debate about why this player wasn’t called up.  For this latest game, everybody was wondering why Stevica Ristić and Darko Tasevski weren’t called up?  But, in all honesty, would that change anything?  Ristić and Tasevski played for Macedonia earlier in the year but the end result was the same.  They failed to impress even though they were in good form with their respective clubs.

The problem seems to be the atmosphere around the national team.  For some reason, the players could be playing with tremendous confidence for their club teams but then show up in Macedonia and they seem to be pressing.  How can this problem be fixed?  Should Macedonia hire a mental coach to hopefully relax the players?  Other national teams have mental coaches to deal with the players.

What else can be done?  These players did not all of a sudden forget how to play football.  We follow their performances regularly and many of the players play in good leagues from abroad where they are being praised for their play.  But, when they arrive to the national team, the atmosphere seems tense and the terrible results speak for themselves.

Now, we are not saying we are this great footballing nation but this team has enough talent to achieve better results.  Just look at the success of teams such as Armenia, Montenegro, and Estonia.  Are we that much worse than those countries?  Look at the clubs of the players on those teams, especially Armenia and Estonia, and ask yourself “Are we that much worse?”  What is their secret?  The answer is they enjoy playing with each other, don’t beat themselves, and play inspired football.

When will see that with the Macedonian national team?  Our basketball team wasn’t more talented than some countries but they played together and were able to overcome some shortcomings by competing and playing as a team.  They earned respect for their play and made the country proud.  They ultimately finished in 4th place and didn’t win a medal but they were received like heroes once they arrived in Macedonia because they gave it everything they had.

John Toshack must change the atmosphere on the team.  He can say the atmosphere is good but the body language and the play on the field tell a different story.  Why can’t the players replicate the form with their club teams to the national team?  They seem to be pressing as indicated by all of the quality chances being missed and panic once the national team concedes a goal.

What is your opinion?  Should Macedonia hire a mental coach to hopefully relax the players?  What is the main problem for the terrible results which are likely to push Macedonia below #100 on the FIFA rankings if they lose against Slovakia.  What is your solution for Macedonia to get out of this slump?

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