National Arena Philip II of Macedon is the only proper stadium in Macedonia

Half of First League teams without adequate stadiums

National Arena Philip II of Macedon is the only proper stadium in MacedoniaPelister, Metalurg and the three Tetovo based teams have no proper venues for playing First League matches.

The board of directors of the Football Federation of Macedonia have brought a decision stating that the stadiums in Bitola, Zhelezarnica and Tetovo are not adequate for First League matches. That means that Pelister, Metalurg, Shkendija, Renova and Teteks – or half of the First League members, have no proper home stadiums with less than a month before the start of the new season.

The National Arena Philip II of Macedon is the only stadium that fulfills all the criteria needed for both international and domestic matches. All the other stadiums are solely for home matches. Metalurg’s stadium can only host Second League matches and even for that they need to improve some of the facilities. The stadiums in Tetovo and Bitola are eligible for Second League matches and will need to be improved if the teams are to host their opponents on those stadiums. The stadiums in Shtip, Kratovo and Turnovo where the rest of the First League teams play can host First League matches but improvements need to be done. 

The new season kicks off on the 3rd of August and it is now up to the teams to decide whether they will be improving the facilities which was absolutely necessary even before this correct decision by FFM or they would be looking to submit other stadiums to play their home matches.

You can see the full decision by FFM and all the criteria for the stadiums by clicking here. (In Macedonian)

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