Georgievski scored a goal for Neftçi

During today’s game between AZAL and Neftçi, Slavco Georgievski scored his first league goal in a Neftçi uniform.

This is the second year for Slavco Georgeivski in a Neftçi uniform and he scored his first league goal during today’s game against AZAL.  He scored one goal for Neftçi last season but that was in a domestic cup game in Azerbaijan.  Slavco has now made 32 league appearances for Neftçi with one goal after today’s game.  Georgievski plays in defensive midfield for Neftçi and scored his goal in the 57th minute but his side side suffered a 3:1 loss away to AZAL and Robert Petrov.  Petrov was recently summoned to the Macedonian national team for the upcoming qualifiers in early September and he played all 90 minutes for AZAL who defeated the defending champions of Azerbaijan.  The other Macedonian on Neftçi, Igor Mitreski, was an unused substitute for the second consecutive game.

Mitreski is slowly coming back to form after being out of action for a month due to an injury.  Igor was included in the Macedonian squad by Toshack despite not being at his best form at the moment.  Mitreski did an interview on Neftçi’s official website earlier in the week and mentioned that he planned to retire from the national team and give a chance to the younger players but changed his mind after talking to Toshack who wanted Mitreski’s help for the upcoming qualifiers.  Toshack feels Mitreski can help by not even playing as his experience can be beneficial for the other players, especially for the match against Russia.

Slavco Georgievski’s goal (at 3:36):

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