Filip Duranski done with Slavia Praha

Midfielder Filip Duranski is looking for a new team after Slavia Praha decided not to renew his contract.

Duranski played mostly for the Slavia Praha B team during the first half of the season but the club recently begun preparations and announced that Duranski will not be brought back.  He was one of five players who was listed as exiting Slavia Praha and looking for a new club.

Filip made one substitute appearance for the first team of Slavia Praha during the first half of the season in the Czech Republic while also being an unused substitute on two different occasions.  When not with the first team, Duranski played regularly for the Slavia Praha B team but the two sides have decided to go their separate ways.  The 20-year-old Duranski formerly played for the Macedonian U21 national team but has not been called up to the squad in several months. 

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