Power Rankings Macedonian First League

First League Power Rankings

Power Rankings Macedonian First LeagueThe third and final edition of our Power Rankings is summarized in this article as the season draws to a close. Take a look at how we compared the 12 teams of the Macedonian top league before the last round takes place this weekend.

You are viewing our third edition of the Power Rankings that we recently introduced to the site.  Since there is only one round left, this will be the last power rankings of the season.  We took into consideration the play of each club during the past three rounds (30, 31 and 32) plus the Cup final.  The biggest jump was made by Renova who moved up five spots to #5, while the biggest fall saw Metalurg drop back six spots. After being third last time, Rabotnichki conquered the top spot by winning all of its four previous games.

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alt 4-0-0 Rabotnichki won the double in the past month. They beat Metalurg in the Cup final and than won the other games to win the league title as well. Congratulations to their team on the achievement.


alt 3-0-0 Shkendija has been on a winning run that has lasted 6 rounds! Their European dream is still alive, but their situation depends on whether Vardar will beat Bregalnica.


alt  2-0-1 Despite the fact that Vardar climbed 3 places on the rankings, the fans are disappointed as their loss came against rival Rabotnichki in the direct battle for the title.


alt 2-0-1 Turnovo fought hard for the title, celebrating against Metalurg on the road and later against Pelister, but the last defeat by Vardar ended their title dreams for a second season in a row.


alt 2-0-1 Beating Bregalnica and Makedonija GjP was enough for Renova to avoid relegation, but a 5:0 shellacking by Shkendija followed to slow their momentum.


alt 2-0-1 The relegated Lions recorded two wins, but both came against the weakest sides in Napredok and Gostivar. Still, wins are wins.


alt 1-0-3 The biggest disappointment was Metalurg. Not only did they lose the Cup final, but they also lost two other games that saw them eliminated from league title contention.


alt 1-0-2 Gorno Lisiche got relegated in its first season in the First League, but the Vulpines put on a good fight all the way to the very end.


alt 1-0-2 Thanks to a win over bottom placed Gostivar, Napredok moved up in the Power Rankings for the first time.


alt 0-1-2 The Blues needed a point to stay in the league and they achieved that. So, despite their fall here, they were happy to avoid relegation.


alt 0-1-2 The dip in form saw Pelister lose any hope of qualifying for the Europa League qualifications this summer. Disappointing end for Pelister after a promising start to the season.


alt 0-0-3 Nothing new from Gostivar. They also another 3 games to finish in last place. Currently, they are on a steak of 9 consecutive defeats.

* In brackets is how much each team moved up, moved down or stayed in same from previous rankings.

Since the league campaign ends this weekend, the next Power Rankings will be released after couple of rounds in the new season.

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