FFM withdraws new kits under public pressure

Turbulent few days in Macedonia after FFM released the new set of kits that the national team should have played with at the upcoming 2020 EURO.

photo: new home kit (left) vs. current home kit (right)

The Football Federation of Macedonia on Friday presented the home, away and third kit specially made for the EURO debut this June. The kits are made by Jako, the German company that makes the Macedonian kits for years now. Even Pope Francis a day before got the home kit as a gift during Macedonian president Stevo Pendarovski’s visit of Vatican.

But, the reaction of the public was huge as angry football fans not just from Macedonia but also those of the Macedonian diaspora united in attacking the Federation for their choice of kits.

The negative reaction was absolutely expected as the new set of kits does not represent Macedonia an any way. Instead of the red and yellow colors the home kit is maroon, the away kit is white, while the third kit is, believe it or not, black! Not just that all those colors have nothing in common with Macedonia, but are an insult as well to any Macedonian in the world.

Not only the colors, but the design of the face of the lynx is very ugly. The lynx is an animal that is considerated an endangered specie in Macedonia and it is protected. The nickname of the Macedonian national football team is the Lynx for that reason, but putting a bad design of a lynx on the kits instead of the sun did not go well among the public.

The Federation did give explanation for every color – explanation that we can only describe as bogus, stupid and totally unacceptable.

National team captain Goran Pandev reacted without saying any words, he just posted the last two kits on his Instagram profile as stories.

Macedonian best female footballer, Natasha Andonova, also reacted criticizing the new kits saying: “None will ever understand how much my country has suffered, you must have a true power and dignity to be part of this country. MACEDONIA, the battle will never end! Red and yellow are the colors that mean life to us” – she posted on Facebook.

The fans started an online petition asking the Federation to withdraw the ugly non-Macedonian kits and send the players to the historic EURO with the kits that have the Macedonian sun all over, the kits that everyone love and the kits that truly represent our bellowed country. 16.000 fans signed til Sunday.

On Saturday night, after realizing the huge mistake they made, FFM president Muamed Sejdini posted a photo of the sun kit adding “Football is played for fans! We go to the EURO! Go Macedonia!” pointing out that he got the message and that Macedonia will continue playing with the beautiful set of kits with the sun.

On Sunday morning the Federation officially announced that they have sent a request to UEFA for a changing of kits saying that Macedonia will play with the sun kits, actually the old kit.

The national team also has a new training kits that are acceptable, even beautiful and can stay.

Darko Churlinov trains with the new training kit; photo: FFM

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