Ferhan Hasani explains why transfer to Gent fell through

Ferhan Hasani made his first comments since his potential transfer to Gent fell through.

After being criticized by some in the Belgian media, Ferhan Hasani felt the need to tell his side of the story.  In an interview with an Albanian newspaper, Hasani mentioned he fully intended to sign with Gent but him and Shkendija were victims of attempted manipulation and felt betrayed by the Belgian club Gent.  The original transfer free agreed in principle was supposed to be 1.2 million euros for four years.  However, when Hasani arrived in Belgium, the new price was 800,000 euros for four years and that angered both Hasani and the representatives from Shkendija.  As Hasani states, that was unacceptable because the money was less than what was agreed upon in Macedonia and he also felt offended to travel to Belgium where it seemed Gent was trying to lowball Shkendija on the offer.  Regardless, both sides then had a joint meeting to bridge the gap but the Shkendija managers felt the other side was not serious so the talks were broken off and Hasani and the Shkendija representatives left the country.

So, this past Monday, Hasani returned to Macedonia and resumed training with Shkendija in order to remain in shape.  He said his main focus right now is the upcoming friendly for the Macedonian national team against Azerbaijan on 10 August 2011.  Hasani is still expected to leave Shkendija this summer and said that the public would be notified of his future move soon.  Besides Gent, there were clubs in Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland also interested in his services.

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