EURO 2024 Q draw: Macedonia in the group of death

Today at noon at the Festhalle exhibition center in Frankfurt took place the draw for the UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying group in which Macedonia learned its opponents on the road to the finals in Germany.

photo by FFM: the stage before the draw

Macedonia was put in Pot 4 due to the bad placement in the recently finished Nations League. Alongside the teams of Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Bulgaria and the Faroe Islands, Macedonia could not end up in a same group with this teams.

A total of 53 nationals teams entered the draw, excluding hosts Germany and suspended Russia.

The fate rewarded Macedonia with the following outcome:

Group C
Italy Italy
England England
Ukraine Ukraine
Macedonia Macedonia
Malta Malta

The schedule will be revealed additionally by UEFA.

The qualifiers will begin on 23 March 2023 and will end with the play-offs on 26 March 2024. 20 teams will qualify from these qualifying groups with 3 additionally from the Nations League play-offs. Germany as host nation is automatically qualified.

2024 EURO will be held in 10 host cities across Germany from 14 June till 14 July 2024.


  1. By teh way there is no such a country as Macedonia but one called North Macedonia. Get your facts right.

    1. Reply Post By Mark J

      I am from the UK and everyone (apart from the Greeks) call it Macedonia, not North Macedonia. The entire world refers to (North Macedonia) as Macedonia and nobody recognises it as anything else. Irrelevant what the official name is, in peoples hearts and mind Macedonia is the country north of Greece.

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