EL: Tre Penne – Rabotnichki 0:1 (Video)

Moment of the game; photo: FK RabotnichkiDisappointing last minute win for Rabotnichki against the San Marino team thanks to defender Dejan Mitrev.

After drawing Tre Penne from San Marino, the fans of Rabotnichki were confident that their belowed team would easily reach the next stage and even record a big win in the first leg match. However, the Sanmarinese could easily get a draw in their home game.

The game was not broadcasted live so we can’t comment about the play, but according to the official stats Rabotnichki dominated through the whole 90 minutes, but only 4 times hit the taget while 6 shot were wide or blocked. Tre Penne only twice made Shishkovski intervene.

The game winning goal came in the 90th minute and was scored by central defender Dejan Mitrev after a corner kick by Colombian international Sebastián Herrera.


Rabotnichki started the game with a 4-3-3 formation with newcomers Iliev and Kadriu in the starting line up. Manager Viktor Trenevski made two out of three substitutions.

Rabotnichki: 25. Damjan Shishkovski; 6. Sebastián Herrera, 27. Momčilo Rašo, 4. Dejan Mitrev, 22. Tomislav Iliev; 10. Bojan Najdenov (81′ 19. Mario Stankovski), 8. Filip Duranski, 24. Dushko Trajchevski (c), 7. Suad Sahiti (73′ 16. Emir Sahiti), 15. Kire Markoski, 17. Florijan Kadriu.

The return leg will be played at the Petar Miloshevski stadium in Skopje next Thursday at 19.00 CET.

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