The headquarters of FFM; photo: FFM

Draw for new season to take place on Monday

The headquarters of FFM; photo: FFMThe drаw for the new season in the First, Second League and Macedonian Cup will be held on Monday.

On Monday at 12.00 CET in the headquarters of the Football Federation of macedonia will be held the draw for the new season in Macedonia’s best three competitions: the First League, the Second League and the Macedonian Cup.

The First League will have 10 teams, same like last season, but the format of the competition will be changed. The play-off and play-out groups will be removed, which is a welcomed decision by the FFM. Instead, the ten teams will play each other four times with a total rounds of 36. The last two will get relegated, while the eight-placed team will enter the promotion/relegation play-off against the third-placed from the Second League.

The ten teams to participate in the new season are: Vardar (title holders), Shkendija, Sileks, Rabotnichki, Bregalnica, Shkupi, Renova, Pobeda (Second League winner), Makedonija Gjorche Petrov (Second League runners-up) and Pelister (play-off winner).

The Second League will also have 10 teams and will keep the format from the previous seasons. The teams will play each other three times with a total of 27 rounds. The top two will get promoted with the third-placed entering the promotion/relegation play-off against the eight-placed team of the First League. The bottom two will get relegated, while it is still unclear if the eight-placed will enter a promotion/relegation since the league will be expanded from the season 2017/18.

The ten teams to participate in the new season are: Turnovo (play-off loser), Metalurg (First League relegated), Teteks, Vlazrimi 77, Skopje, Gorno Lisiche, Vardar Negotino (play-off winner), Akademija Pandev (play-off winner), Novaci (play-off best loser*), Tikvesh (Third League South**).

*Novaci was awarded a place as the best team that lost in the Second League promotion play-offs by being defeated on penalties by Ljubanci. They take the place of Mladost who due to financial problems declined participation.

**Tikvesh bought the place of Ljubanci.

The Macedonian Cup starts with the Round of 32 where one-leg games will be played. The First League teams from last season automatically earned a place, as well as the best 7 of the Second League, while the rest of the sports were determined by qualifications in each of the five zones. The North zone, which had 3 places available, signed up only one club so 30 teams will participate instead of 32. That means that two teams will have no opponent in the opening round.

These are the 32 teams that will participate: Shkendija (title holders), Bregalnica, Metalurg, Mladost, Rabotnichki, Renova, Shkupi, Sileks, Turnovo, Vardar (First League), Gorno Lisiche, Makedonija GjP, Pelister, Pobeda, Skopje, Teteks, Vlazrimi 77 (Second League), Novaci, Sateska, Vlaznimi (zone South-West), Akademija Pandev, Belasica, Malesh (zone East), Golemo Konjari, Kozhuf Miravci, Vardar Negotino (zone South), Chaklani, Ljuboten, Skenderbeu (zone West), Fortuna (zone North).

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