Draw and defeat for Macedonia U18 in Montenegro

Macedonian U18 national team noted a draw and a heavy defeat in the friendly matches against Montenegro U18.

Macedonia and Montenegro played two friendly matches in Montenegro. The home team turned out to be the better side during the two matches as the first one ended in a 2:2 draw, but they have completely dominated the second game and celebrated a crushing 6:1 win.

Although Macedonia had the lead twice in the first match, with goals scored by Cheshmedjiev and Kostadinov, the home team managed to return twice for a 2:2 draw.

Macedonia played that match in the following line-up: Jovanov, Risteski (Asani), Krivanjeva (Nedevski), Lekovski, Mitikj (Zajkov), Nikolovski, Cheshmedjiev, Kostadinov (Merko), Demir (Sulejmanov), Mishev (Georgievski), Filipovski (Chavoli).

In the next match, played two days later, Montenegro was by far the better team and all Macedonia was able to do was score one goal, which in fact was the first of the match, through Demir. Since then, it was all about the home team who scored 6 goals in their opponents net.

Macedonia played that match in the following line-up: Jovanov (Redjepi), Krivanjeva (Nedovski), Cheshmedjiev, Mitikj, Lekoski (Risteski), Nikolovski, Demir, Kostadinov (Merko), Zajkov (Asani), Sulejmanov, Chavoli.

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