Dragon claims women’s cup final

With a come from behind win Dragon celebrated over Tiverija with 3:1 and won its second cup title.

photo: the players of Dragon pose with the trophy

A replay from last season’s final took place in Kochani. Last year Tiverija destroyed Dragon in the final winning with impressive 5:0. Just a week ago these two met in the league with Dragon being host. Tiverija did not do well this time as their rivals recorded a big 4:0 win. Dragon also won 3:0 on the road in the first half-season.

But a cup final is something special and totally different. The Strumica based team took a very early lead through Dimoska just 3 minutes after kick-off, while Dervishi equalized seven minutes before the break with a nice shot.

A corner kick in the 64th minute brought Dragon the lead. Naceva jumped in the box and headed home turning the result around. Eleven minutes later Naceva with a header perfectly served Zhivikj in the box, the later could not miss one on one with the keeper and put an end to the question who will win the final.

Second title for Dragon as they previously celebrated in 2016 after beating Top Gol with 4:0. Tiverija stays on one title, that of last season.

Dragon is also topping the league but with three rounds left they are fighting for the title with Istatov who is two points away. Tiverija is fourth and is out of the title race.

Nikola Mantov stadium in Kochani Macedonia
Tiverija – Dragon 1:3 (1:1)
Goals: 3′ Teodora Dimoska – 38′ Rabija Dervishi, 64′ Marjana Naceva, 75′ Julija Zhivikj
Tiverija: 18. Viktorija Panchurova; 4. Radica Velkoca, 7. Danche Karpuzovska (79′ 23. Ivana Vasileva), 9. Sara Velkova, 10. Aleksandra Ristovska (C), 11. Ane Bosheska, 13. Ivana Nikoloca (66′ 5. Ikmete Limani), 17. Viktorija Nedeva, 19. Marija Boshevska (85′ 14. Tea Bozhinovska), 20. Teodora Nikolovska, 99. Teodora Dimoska.
Dragon: 48. Olgica Arsova; 6. Elma Shemsovikj, 8. Rabija Dervishi, 10. Dragana Kostova (C), 13. Nadica Kosteska, 14. Jana Ackovska, 16. Sara Kolarovska, 17. Julija Zhivikj, 19. Marjana Naceva, 21. Elena Petrovska, 23. Teodora Gjorgjievska.
Yellow cards: Bosheska, Nedeva (T), Gjorgjievska (D)
Red cards: /
Referee: Vlojca Izeiri (Gostivar)
Assistants: Elena Sokreska Ilievski (Skopje) & Snezhana Ilievska (Makedonska Kamenica)
Fourth official: Marija Koneska (Prilep)

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