Domestic leagues to continue this weekend

FFM and the Ministry of health have come up with an agreement and the top three divisions will go back playing this weekend.

The top flight, two second league groups and the five third league groups will continue playing on Saturday and Sunday after the Football federation of Macedonia and the Ministry of health have resolved the differences.

All players will be tested for COVId-19 72 hours before playing. It is not known if the Federation will pay for the tests or the clubs will benefit the new quick tests the Ministry acquired the past few of days.

The past weekend no football match took place in Macedonia since new protocol required all clubs to test their players and pay on their own.

Therefore, Round 11 in 1.MFl and Round 10 in 2.MFL East and West will now take place, while the five 3.MFL groups will play different rounds.

So far it is unknown when the youth, women and lower leagues will continue.

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