Macedonian derbies

Here you can read about the games that are regarded as derbies in Macedonia. We have included only those who share historical significance and tradition in the Macedonian football.

Derby of Macedonia:
Vardar vs. Pelister (The rivalry between these two dates back to the 1990/91 season when during a match in the Yugoslav Second League an incident occurred. Since then, this clash is regarded as the biggest Macedonian derby, a clash of a team from the capital city of Skopje against one from the city of Bitola.)

City derbies:
–    Derby of Skopje: Rabotnichki vs. Vardar (It’s one of the oldest known derbies in Macedonia. These two first met in 1951 in the Yugoslav Second League with Rabotnichki winning 2:1. A comedy named “2:1” was writen by writer Vasil Iljoski to memorize the event. Both teams share the same stadium, the National Arena Philip II of Macedon.)
–    Derby of Tetovo: Teteks vs. Shkendija (The battle for the second largest city in Macedonia is ethnically divided. With Teteks’ fans being ethnic Macedonians and those of Shkendija ethnic Albanians, it’s clear why this is a big derby.)
–    Derby of Kichevo: Napredok vs. Vlazrimi
–    Derby of Prilep: Pobeda vs. 11 Oktomvri
There are many other clubs that are from a same town, but since they have met only few times, we can’t really call those games real derbies.

Regional derbies:
–    Pelagonia derby: Pelister vs. Pobeda (It’s a derby between the two best clubs from two cities with fierce rivalry, Bitola and Prilep, both located in the ancient Macedonian province of Pelagonia.)
–    Winegrower’s derby: Tikvesh vs. Vardar Negotino (Tikvesh from Kavadarci and Vardar from Negotino form this derby between the two wine producing towns of fierce rivalry. Not just in football, the rivalry between the citizens of the two tows is in everything.)
–    East derby: Bregalnica vs. Belasica (A duel between the two biggest clubs in the eastern part of the country, Bregalnica from the city of Shtip and Belasica from Strumica.)
–    Brotherhood derby: Teteks vs. Vardar (Is a derby of two teams with same ideology, actually more of their fans who regard themselves as Macedonian patriots and Christian Orthodox. The Ultras groups Komiti of Vardar and Vojvodi of Teteks are officially twinned.)
–    Lake derby: Ohrid vs. Karaorman (The two clubs are located in the two cities that lie on the coast of the Ohrid Lake, Ohrid and Struga. From there comes the name of the derby.)
–    Derby of Pijanec: Bregalnica Delchevo vs. Sasa (It’s a derby between the clubs from the towns of Delchevo and Makedonska Kamenica located in the Pijanec region.)
–    Rice derby: Osogovo vs. Sloga 1934 (Osogovo from Kochani and Sloga 1934 from Vinica form this derby between the two rice producing towns.)
–    Maleshevo derby: Malesh vs. Napredok Pehchevo (It’s a derby between the clubs from the towns of Berovo and Pehchevo located in the Maleshevo Mountains.)
–    Derby of Lisiche: Gorno Lisiche vs. Pobeda Dolno Lisiche (A derby between two villages’ clubs nearby Skopje located on the banks of the Vardar river.)
–    Cheshinovo vs. Obleshevo (A derby between small clubs from two nearby villages connected by a fierce rivalry.)

Local derbies:
–    Ethnic derby of Skopje: Vardar vs. Shkupi (A derby only because of the clubs’ fans. The Vardar fans are ethnic Macedonians, while the fans of Shkupi are ethnic Albanians. This derby was born after the creation of the Macedonian First League as before that Shkupi was playing in the minor Yugoslav leagues. Until 2012, Shkupi was called Sloga Jugomagnat.)
–    Derby of Avtokomanda: Skopje vs. Metalurg (Both share the same stadium that has different name depending on who is playing.)
–    Derby of Karposh: Alumina vs. Lokomotiva
–    Derby of Chair: Balkan vs. Shkupi
–    Derby of Drachevo SSK Mladinec vs. Drachevo

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