Derby duel: Huseini vs. Georgievski

Jorde Georgievski and Muhamed HuseiniIt’s a big derby on Sunday and two key players of Shkendija and Teteks share their opinion before the derby clash.

Our new section begins with the big Derby of Tetovo.  Shkendija and Teteks are the two teams that make up the Derby of Tetovo, local rivals that share the same stadium and whose rivalry lasts longer than three decades.  We asked a player from each side to answer four questions about the derby.  From Shkendija we have their defensive midfielder Muhamed Huseini, while from Teteks it’s their goalkeeper Jorde Georgievski.

What is the feeling like to play in such an important derby?
Muhamed: It’s a great feeling that can’t be described with words. It’s a totally different feeling when you face your city rival than when you play in other games.
Jorde: Well, everyone wants to play derbies like this one where the motivation is huge in both teams and because there will be a lot of fans at the stadium.

Like in every derby match, your team will strive for victory on Sunday. Why do you think that you can defeat your opponents? What are your advantages and what are the weak points of your opponents?
Muhamed: We strive for 3 points in every game and this one won’t be any different. I think that we have a better team than Teteks but we have to prove that on the field because with derbies like this one, a small mistake can give the winner.
Jorde: Of course we are looking for victory, first because of our current situation on the table and second because we will bring a lot of joy to our fans with a win over the rivals. It will be very hard for us as Shkendija has quality and players who have played many games like this one. I will leave the coaching staff to think about the weak spots of our opponents, but when it comes to our advantages, it’s the fighting spirit that we will have to repeat from the Pelister game if we want a good result.

What is more important in this clash, current form or motivation?
Muhamed: I think that it’s the motivation, but it’s also important to be cool and play with experience. We will surely be motivated as we will have big support from our fans who will be our 12th player.
Jorde: In my opinion the form isn’t decisive, but the motivation which for us is at a high level. We want to prove that our current place on the table is not indicative of our team. It’s a city derby and everything can happen.

What do you think about Jorde Georgievski who will face you in the derby?
Muhamed: He is one of the most experienced keepers in our league and I secretly hope it won’t be his day on Sunday, because if he is in form, he can save everything.

What do you think about Muhamed Huseini who will face you in the derby?
Jorde: I don’t know him personally and honestly I haven’t heard of him. But, since he plays for Shkendija it must be a player with good qualities.

We wish them a good game on Sunday and may the better team wins!

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