Dejan Trajkovski not eligible for Macedonia anymore

Trajkovski during the game; photo: NZSAs yesterday he debuted in an official game for Slovenia, Dejan Trajkovski is now just another lost case for Macedonia.

Slovenia visited Malta on Friday night in the Round 4 of the Group F of the European qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Since their standard left back Bojan Jokić is injured, Dejan Trajkovski got the chance to start the game. With that he became ineligible to represent Macedonia in the future.Trajkovski with his brother Tadej during a visit to Skopje in 2015; photo: Trajkovski fb

Trajkovski wanted to play for Macedonia but for years he was ignored because he did not play at a high level at that time. When his career started going up last season, Slovenia summoned him for the last games of the 2016 EURO qualifiers, but he stayed on the bench. Only then Macedonia thought of him and Igor Angelovski contacted him, but it was too late. Trajkovski decided to play for Slovenia as they were the first to give him a call.

This should be a very good lesson for everyone at the Football federation of Macedonia! You can’t be stubborn when it comes to players with Macedonian origin. Every occasion must be used for our diaspora players to be summoned and given a fair chance while they are still unknown, not when they become great players. Because later they might get a call from their other country.

Absolutelly no hard feeling towards Trajkovski. He is born and raised in Slovenia plus his mother is Slovenian. We missed a great player on a position we desperately need change. This is very disappointing!

We wish Dejan a great career in the Slovenian national team and we hope some day he will play at a major tournament.

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