Cup final interrupted

2013 Cup final interruptedThe cup final between Shkendija and Teteks did not meet its’ end.

Shkendija and Teteks only had the chance to warm up during today’s Macedonian Cup final. The match was interrupted once for around 15 minutes before another interruption was final.

The first problems happened during the national anthem of Macedonia when Shkendija fans whistled and booed. Teteks fans replied during the match and match was interrupted upon the request of delegate Toni Ivanovski. 

Before the match restart, both teams captains, Muhamed Huseini and Bobi Bozhinovski, asked from the fans no nationalistic chants and fair support of the clubs, but after no more then 10 minutes of play, the match was interrupted once again, this time for good.

FFM still needs to inform about their decision. The match will most probably be played in front of an empty stadium in the coming days.

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