Brera Holding confirms intent to acquire Akademija Pandev

The Italian-American holding company confirmed its intent of purchasing Akademija Pandev, saying that a definitive takeover should happen soon.

Goran Pandev, the founder and owner of Akademija Pandev, is an independent member of the Board of Directors of Brera Holdings. In August 2022 Brera Holdings’ subsidiary Brera Milano srl entered into a Sponsorship Agreement with Akademija Pandev that allowed the Company to provide consulting and other football-related services to the team, while receiving visibility, brand awareness and communications exposure in Macedonia for the Brera FC brand.

“We are extremely pleased to continue working with Goran Pandev and the club he founded in 2010, and bring the Brera FC brand legacy to Macedonia” – said Alessandro Aleotti, Chief Strategy Officer for Brera Holdings and founder of Brera FC in Milan over twenty years ago. “We believe these top-division clubs in smaller countries have lower operational costs, with a significant savings of resources otherwise required to access the large cash prizes and linked investments” – Aleotti concluded.

“We think that following Brera’s acquisition of Akademija Pandev we can facilitate the exchange and transfer market of players from other clubs in Africa and South America, especially in the 18-21 age group” – said CEO Scalpelli. “The club is also eligible to register for major youth tournaments, such as the Viareggio tournament, in which it will have the opportunity to compete against teams of the same age group as the major international clubs, and which represent the best showcase for the sale of young players, with many potential transfer market opportunities.”

Brera Holdings announced that they expect to enter into definitive agreements for the acquisition of Akademija Pandev and to close the acquisition within the first half of 2023.

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