Borec on top of women’s football

Borec Veles are the champions of Macedonia’s women’s football league.

The women’s football league came to an end. Borec Veles are the champions after winning 4:1 against Pobeda in the final match. 

Led by fabulous Natasa Andonova, but also with Cvetanka Petrova, Elizabeta Radeska, Sijce Andonova, Monika Angelova, Angela Ginovska, Lence Andreevska, Radica Dukova, Gentijana Rochi etc. in the club, it is no wonder Borec is on top of the women’s football in Macedonia as these players are the fundament of the macedonian national women football team that participated in the Women’s European Championship U19 2010 that was held in Macedonia.

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