Belasica fans, photo Strumicanet

Belasica 2035

Belasica fans, photo StrumicanetOne of the most famous Macedonian football clubs, Belasica from Strumica, is sinking without a trace. Is there any chance of saving the club?

Once the pride for all Strumica football fans, now stuck on the bottom of the Second League. What, when, and where did it all go wrong for Belasica?

Although they never wow a league title, Belasica used to play a big role in Macedonian football. They were runners-up for two times in the seasons 2001/02 and 2002/03, both times behind the champion Vardar.  Belasica represented Macedonia in the UEFA Cup 2002/03 and 2003/04, although without much success. The club attracted a lot of fans on the matches and produced extremely good players from their youth academy.  However, at the moment, Belasica only has two points out of 8 matches in the second division and is heading towards the Third League South.

Before the beginning of the season, Belasica fans, known as Ajduci, organized a protest intended for the current management under the motto “Strumica wants a strong Belasica”.  The response from the club president Pero Misovski was rather arrogant.  He stated that Belasica is his private property and he will manage it the way he wants.  Misovski went on to say that if the fans really loved Belasica, they should go to the home matches and support the club who will be his until 2035.

The Belasica youth academy produced the likes of Goran Pandev, Goran Popov, Robert Popov, Zoran Baldovaliev, Aco Stojkov and many other current international players.  There are no signs of anything changing with the current management and the fans have stopped attending matches out of protest.  With the current situation, will the club even exist until 2035?  In June 2011, in an interview for daily newspaper Vest, Goran Pandev pointed out that the club can’t continue to operate in such a way.  “Without basic conditions, and in such state, the club will simply stop existing” – said the most famous player who came through the Belasica’s youth system.

Belasica deserves to be one of the top sides in Macedonian football.  Instead, they are rock bottom in the Second League and are on the verge of relegation with the terrible start to the season.  If they get relegated to the Third League, it will not be surprising as other famous sides have fallen in recent times.  Belasica will join clubs like Madzari Solidarnost and Cementarnica 55 as clubs that were once a fixture in Macedonian football but are now moving closer towards becoming a thing of the past.

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