Bardhi: It is an honor to captain Macedonia

Newly appointed Macedonian national team captain Enis Bardhi shared his thoughts regarding him taking over the captain’s armband.

photo: Bardhi at the press-conference

On the eve of the clash with Italy, in the 2024 EURO qualifiers, Bardi says that it is a great honor to wear the captain’s armband.

“This moment is emotional, being the captain of Macedonia, something very significant, a armband that Goran (Pandev) and Stefan (Ristovski) wore before me. I have said many times that in this team there is not only one captain and leader, but there are several leaders who deserve the armband. All this is an honor and pleasure for me. This is a new challenge for me.”

The new captain says that he and his teammates must be 100% concentrated because against a rival like Italy, only in that way can a positive result be obtained.

“In today’s football, if you are not disciplined, you can hardly get a positive result. We always say that, although there is not much time in the short period of preparations, but now we talked much more than before, that if we are a team and disciplined, if we help each other on the field, if we have unity, that’s the only way we can achieve success. Somehow we have been lacking that lately, now it is better. That’s why I say that only together we can achieve great results”, added Bardhi during Friday’s official press-conference.

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