Arijan Ademi gets bitten by injury bug again

Arijan AdemiMidfielder Arijan Ademi can’t catch a break as he left Saturday’s game versus Rijeka with yet another injury.

This is getting ridiculous concerning the injury situation with Arijan Ademi. On Saturday, in the big match between Dinamo Zagreb and Rijeka, currently the top two teams in Croatia, Ademi returned from a nagging lower back injury to captain his side. However, he only lasted 65 minutes before he was forced to leave the pitch.

Watching replay of the incident, Ademi looked to have aggravated the lower back injury. Rijeka player Ivan Močinić made a sliding tackle on Ademi who then fell awkwardly on his lower back. He immediately seemed to be in a lot of pain as concerned teammates gathered around him. The referee gave Močinić a delayed yellow card after Ademi stayed down.

Arijan Ademi goes out on the cart

Arijan remained on the ground for about two minutes, so a cart was brought out to take him to the sidelines. The medical personnel slowly lifted and placed Ademi on the cart. He did make some movements and stood up as the cart made its way to the sidelines. Then, in what was unsportsmanlike behavior, the Rijeka fans booed Ademi as the cart was heading to the locker room for further tests on his back.

At this time, Dinamo Zagreb has not given an update on the latest injury to Ademi. The defensive midfielder will soon turn 24 years old, but he’s got the shake this label of him being injury prone. Hopefully the latest setback won’t be anything serious and he will return to action in the near future. He’s an important member of both Dinamo Zagreb and Macedonia’s national team.

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