Macedonia played another goalless draw

Angola – Macedonia 0:0

Macedonia played another goalless drawIn a game that was not televised nor streamed online, Macedonia played another 0:0 draw, this time to Angola in the town of Estoril, Portugal.

The Macedonian fans were not able to watch the game as the friendly between Angola and Macedonia was not televised, nor were there any streams showing the game online.  Macedonia continues to have problems scoring goals and played another goalless draw.  FFM’s website mentioned that defender Vanche Shikov once again had the best chance for Macedonia, just like in the Portugal friendly, in the 83rd minute but his effort from 7-8 meters was blocked by Angola’s defense.

This is what manager John Toshack said after the game to FFM’s website, “The team looked a bit tired today after the match against Portugal.  However, I am still satisfied because, despite not scoring a goal, we created a couple of good chances and were solid defensively once again as Angola did not create one serious chance.  We made six substitutions and I must say that this time I learned a lot about the internationals during this ten day gathering.”

To view the match report, click here.

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