Agim Ibraimi will be loaned to Cagliari

Cagliari revealed that Agim Ibraimi will be coming to the Italian club on a one year loan with an option to purchase him outright after the 2013-14 season.

Agim Ibraimi was officially introduced by Cagliari on Monday, but an interesting revelation was that Agim is moving to Cagliari on a one year loan.  It is not a permanent transfer.  Instead, after the 2013-14 season, Cagliari will have an option to purchase Ibraimi outright from Maribor.

From Cagliari’s standpoint, you can understand the club’s decision to protect themselves in the case that Ibraimi does not pan out.  Moving from Slovenia to Italy is still a big jump in terms of quality.  For Ibraimi, the loan should serve as motivation as he must demonstrate his qualities in order to justify Cagliari purchasing him outright after the season.

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