Macedonia has 5 third leagues

3.MFL South-West new season confirmed

Macedonia has 5 third leaguesFourteen teams will compete in the new season of the Third League South-West featuring clubs like Ohrid, Proleter and Sateska who are returning after a while.

Since FFM allowed each of the third leagues to get expanded to a maximum of 16 teams, the South-West will have 14 teams in the new season. Originally the plan was to feature 16 teams, but some of the qualified clubs didn’t meet the necessary requirements for playing at this level. Those are Svetlost from Kukurechani and Jildirimspor from Resen, while Poeshevo couldn’t have been spared from relegation but the club faced financial problems.

The league will be without Novaci who despite loosing the promotion play-off, won promotion after Mladost Carev Dvor collapsed. Mladost was supposed to enter the league after failing to enter the Second League because of financial problems, but they didn’t. That means that the team that competed in the First League last season may now play in the Fourth Leagues of OFS Resen or not play at all. Than, Poeshevo got relegated and later invited, but the club declined due to the same reasons as Mladost.

Newcomers are 4 clubs. No play-offs were played as the winners of all active fourth leagues located in the South-West were invited to claim a place, as well as the runners-up of OFS Ohrid and OFS Bitola.

Ohrid Lihdinos (OFS Ohrid) returning after season 2006/07
Sateska (OFS Ohrid) returning after season 2005/06
Struga (OFS Struga) debutant
Proleter 1937 (OFS Makedonski Brod) returning after season 1999/00

Keep in mind that Proleter didn’t win the OFS Makedonski Brod as the league was idle last season, but the team was invited due to being the most famous within its region.

The season will start on 8th of September with a kick-off scheduled for 15.30 CET. The draw was already made and these are the Round 1 matches:

Labunishta vs. Korabi
Liria Grnchari vs. Veleshta
Karaorman vs. Flamurtari Radolishta
Sateska vs. Ohrid Lihnidos
Prespa vs. Vlaznimi
Kravari vs. Struga
Proleter 1937 vs. Mogila

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