3.MFL West overview of Round 23

Midweek round in the third league group West took place today. Vrapchichte quit the league so promotion favorites Vardari took the points on the green table, while their leading rivals Gench Kalemler Sport celebrated a road win at Arsimi.

photo by FC Gench Kalemler Sport: the players before kick-off

The team of Vrapchishte decided not to continue playing after taking part in 22 rounds. Because they played more than half of the second half-season matches, their record will remain on the table while the rest of their games will be awarded. Vrapchishte is the third team to quit the competition after Uskana who did that just before the start of the second half season and Skenderbeu who took part in the rounds draw but never played a single match.

This round an incident occurred on the match in Kichevo where Xixa hosted Napredok. After the visitors equalized in the stoppage time, an unsatisfied home player attacked the referee just after the final whistle and got sent off for that.

Nerashti – Rechica (GR) 5:0 (1:0)
3′ Basri Ismailji, 50′ Armin Sulejmani, 71′ Emin Iljazi, 80′, 85′ Mervan Amiti

Flamurtari (D) – Drita 2:1 (1:0)
24′ (pen) Sulejman Sulejmani, 64′ Hadis Adili – 75′ Artim Ramadani
Red cards: 48′ Murat Murati (D)

Arsimi – Gench Kalemler Sport 1:3 (1:1)
8′ Nedim Zendeli – 38′ Adis Bilali, 61′ Faris Shabani, 78′ Ibraim Jusufi

Xixa – Napredok 1:1 (1:0)
35′ Adnan Kadriu – 90’+1 Aleksandar Jakjimoski
Red cards: AFT Osman Ismaili (X)

Xixa’s goal:

Vardari – Vrapchishte 3:0 awarded

3.MFL West 2017/18

Promotion | 2.MFL West
Relegation | 4.MFL
Withdrawal | withdrew on half-season

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