3.MFL North promotion play-offs concluded

Rechica, Madjari Solidarnost and Nju Jork have won promotion after celebrating in the play-off and next season will take part in the group North of the Macedonian third league.

photo by Filip Zdraveski: moment of the last play-off Cementarnica 55 – Nju Jork

The winners of the four fourth league groups that are affiliated with the third league North had to enter a play-off to determine the three promotion places. Famous Cementarnica 55, winner of the Macedonian Cup back in 2003 entered after claiming the title in the 4.MFL Kisela Voda. Madjari Solidarnost, another former top flight side and Cup finalist of 2005 celebrated in 4.MFL Gazi Baba. The last capital city group (4.MFL Skopje) was won by Nju Jork, a pretty young club formed just six years ago. 4.MFL Kumanovo was won by Rechica, a team of the local Serbian minority.

Since four teams were fighting for three places the format of the play-offs saw two play-off rounds. The winners of the first round would get immediately promoted, while the two losers would face each other for the last remaining spot.

The most entertaining was the first match played between Cementarnica 55 and Rechica. The Concrete Boys twice had the lead but the Serbs always managed to equalize with the last goal being scored four minutes from time after Cementarnica was left with 10 men. In the penalty-shoot-out Rechica keeper Nikola Strojanovikj managed to catch two shots and was the hero as his team won a third league promotion after eight long years.

The players celebrate in the locker room after the match; photo: FK Rechica

Wednesday, 12 June 2019
Boris Trajkovski stadium in Skopje Macedonia
Cementarnica 55 – Rechica 3:3 (2:1); 2:4 p.s.o.
39′ Kosta Kostov, 42′ Jovan Radevski, 79′ Dalibor Tasevski – 16′ Martin Stefanovikj, 48′ Nikola Stojanchevski, 86′ David Stamenkovikj
Red cards: 84′ Jovan Radevski (C)
Referee: Benjamin Kjerimi (Petrovec)

Outsiders Nju Jork had a surprising lone goal lead on half-time over Madjari Solidarnost. However, after the break the Masons score three times turning the result around and claiming the promotion spot. Madjari gets back in the third level after only one season. They actually never got relegated, but due to interim disagreement they had to start over by preregistering the club after taking over the spot of their reserve team.

Thursday, 13 June 2019
SSK stadium in Skopje Macedonia
Madjari Solidarnost – Nju Jork 3:1 (0:1)
48′, 85′ Nikola Gligoroski, 63′ Robert Ilievski – 26′ Rafis Ameti
Referee: Aleksandar Vasilevski (Skopje)

The two losing sides of the main round entered the last play-off match to determine the last available spot. Cementarnica 55 faced Nju Jork today and gave the Chair based team a promotion celebration. Nju Jork went on half-time with a lone goal lead and quickly after the break added a second. They were the better team and deserved the win. Cementarnica had several good chances but their players could not even hit the target. In the injury time they scored a consolation goal from the spot, but it is Nju Jork that got promoted.

Sunday, 16 June 2019
Boris Trajkovski stadium in Skopje Macedonia
Cementarnica 55 – Nju Jork 1:2 (0:1)
90’+1 (pen) Sasho Bozhinoski – 10′ Enez Jusufi, 47′ Erduan Mucha
Red cards: (after end) Miroslav Todorovski (C), 89′ Ali Osmani (NJ)
Referee: Hristijan Bozhinovski (Skopje)

The three play-off winners will take over the spots of relegated teams Marino, Tekstilec and Gorno Lisiche.

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