The logo of the 8th Maso Cup

2016 Maso Cup draw & schedule confirmed

The logo of the 8th Maso CupThe draw and official schedule for the traditional Maso Cup tournament, featuring Australian teams with a Macedonian background, has been confirmed.

The 2016 edition of the Maso Cup will feature a record 14 participants, including Preston Lions who returns after a four year absence. The three-day tournament will take place in the city of Wollongong with the hosts being last year’s semi-finalists Wollongong United and Cringila Lions. A debut appearance will be made by Sydenham Park from Melbourne.

The 14 teams were divided into two groups of 4 and two groups of 3 teams:

Group A

Group B
Rockdale City Suns Bankstown City
Broadmeadow Magic Shell Cove Barbarians
Queanbeyan City Newcastle Suns
Sunshine Lions Sydenham Park
Group C Group D
Altona Magic Wollongong United
Cringila Lions Preston Lions
Yagoona Lions Arncliffe Scots

Groups A and B will play the other teams in their own group, giving each club 3 group matches. Groups C and D will have a slightly different schedule in order for those teams to play 3 group stage matches as well. They will play the other teams in their own group plus one cross-over match. For example, besides playing against the other two teams in Group C, Altona Magic will also face Arncliffe Scots of Group D.

This edition won’t feature quarter-finals. Instead, the group winners will advance directly to the semi-finals. The games will take place at two venues: “Macedonia Park,” the home of Wollongong United and “John Crehan Park,” the home of Cringila Lions.

Here is the complete schedule (all times are local):

Friday, 22 January 2016 (at Macedonia Park)
19.30 Wollongong United vs. Yagoona Lions (C-D cross-over game)
20.20 Bankstown City vs. Shell Cove Barbarians (B)
21.10 Rockdale City Suns vs. Sunshine Lions (A)

Saturday, 23 January 2016 (at Macedonia Park)
09.30 Altona Magic vs. Cringila Lions (C)
10.20 Preston Lions vs. Arncliffe Scots (D)
11.10 Sydenham Park vs. Newcastle Suns (B)
12.00 Broadmeadow Magic vs. Queanbeyan City (A)
12.50 Cringila Lions vs. Yagoona Lions (C)
13.40 Wollongong United vs. Arncliffe Scots (D)
14.30 Bankstown City vs. Newcastle Suns (B)
15.20 Sydenham Park vs. Shell Cove Barbarians (B)
16.10 Rockdale City Suns vs. Broadmeadow Magic (A)
17.00 Queanbeyan City vs. Sunshine Lions (A)
17.50 Altona Magic vs. Yagoona Lions (C)
18.40 Bankstown City vs. Sydenham Park (B)
19.30 Wollongong United vs. Preston Lions (D)
20.20 Altona Magic vs. Arncliffe Scots (C-D)
21.10 Rockdale City Suns vs. Queanbeyan City (A)

Sunday, 24 January 2016 (at John Crehan Park)
09.00 Cringila Lions vs. Preston Lions (C-D)
10.20 Broadmeadow Magic vs. Sunshine Lions (A)
11.10 Shell Cove Barbarians vs. Newcastle Suns (B)
12.00 winner Group C vs. winner Group D
12.50 winner Group A vs. winner Group BThe John Crehan Park; photo Cringila Lions
15.45 winner SF1 vs. winner SF2

Hall of fame:
2015 Rockdale City Suns
2014 Altona Magic
2013 Rockdale City Suns
2012 Bankstown City
2011 Rockdale City Suns
2009 Arncliffe Scots
2008 Altona Magic

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