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2012/13 Winter transfers review

First LeagueAn active transfer window saw the return of several internationals back to Macedonia and quite some number of unproven foreigners.

Vardar was one of the more active teams, bringing in and releasing several players. Aco Stojkov, former Macedonia international, is surely one of the most interesting names which featured during this transfer period. Vardar also brough back a well-known name in Macedonian football in Dimitrija Lazarevski. The biggest controversy around Vardar was the signing of Osei Kofi, an anonymous footballer from Ghana who was presented as a major signing, only to get injured on his first training and later signed for Drita.

Higher placed teams such as Horizont Turnovo, Metalurg, Napredok and Bregalnica Shtip mostly kept their squads with some small changes, while Shkendija lost several important players in the names of Nedjipi, Ejupi, Emini but managed to keep most of the squad anyway, considering that much more players were linked with a move.

Among other names, Rabotnichki managed to snap up the signing of Bazhe Ilijoski, who returns to Macedonia after playing in Romania. Pelister got Simeon Hristov, Macedonia U21 national team member who was part of Egri in Hungary, on loan and Toni Meglenski – another well known name in domestic football. Sileks signed a really high number of foreign players, bringing their total up to 9 foreigners at the moment, although 5 max are allowed when the team is submitting the squad pre-match. Teteks was definitely the most active team, bringing in 9 players, among which former national team member Filip Despotovski, and releasing 7 players.

A tendency that marked this winter transfer period was the signing of anonymous players from abroad by several clubs. Shkendija signed Lovre Čirjak, a Croatian player who never played above Croatian third league, just as Drita did with Domagoj Barać. We already mentioned Osei Kofi who was long time without a club. Pelister got Adrian Kekec, a Croatian-Canadian footballer who was without a club for more then 2 and a half years. Interestingly, although the players don’t have long CVs, Kekec already scored several goals for Pelister, during the winter friendly matches, just as Čirjak did for Shkendija. 

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