2.MFL East & West overview of Round 24 (Video)

Drita is back in game for salvation after beating direct rivals Teteks, Ohrid took over the promotion play-off spot, Pobeda sent Plachkovica and Rosoman 83 into the third division.

photo: view at Drita – Teteks


In these rest of the season most exiting is the battle for avoiding relegation in the West. Today a direct clash was played in the village of Bogovinje between 9th Drita and 8th Teteks. The hosts managed to get a lone goal win and bring the 7 points gap to a 4 point difference. This match was a chance for Teteks to seal the salvation, but they failed.

In a direct duel for the runners-up position that leads into the promotion play-off, Ohrid defeated Veleshta thanks to an early lone goal scored by Cvetanoski. The two teams are now equal on points, but Ohrid had the edge as they are better in the head-to-head encounters.

Gradski stadium in Gostivar
Gostivar – Vlazrimi 77 1:1 (0:0)
Goals: 90’+2 Artan Veliu – 72′ Darko Todorovski
Referee: Marjan Gocevski (Strumica)

Atina Bojadji stadium in Ohrid
Ohrid – Veleshta 1:0 (1:0)
Goals: 10′ Darko Cvetanoski
Referee: Igor Ivanov (Veles)

Gradski stadium in Debar
Korabi – Skopje 1:2 (1:1)
Goals: 37′ (pen) Bleron Mucha – 10′ Hristijan Kirovski, 82′ (pen) Ivo Janakievski
Red cards: 90’+5 Ujkan Mucha (K)
Referee: Krumislav Gjorgiev (Shtip)

Bogovinje stadium in Bogovinje
Drita – Teteks 1:0 (1:0)
Goals: 27′ Elmir Aliji
Referee: Dimitar Pileshkov (Shtip)

Kadino was idle.

2.MFL West 2020/21

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL
Disqualified | by FFM


Plachkovica welcomed Pobeda in their last chance to make a step forward towards the salvation. However, the visitors celebrated a win sending the hosts into the third league. Mathematically Plachkovica still isn’t relegated, but in reality they stand no chance and after 4 season in the second tier they will play in the 3.MFL east next season.

Pobeda’s win in Radovish means that Rosoman 83 is officially relegated. They lost to Sloga 1934 at home and now even mathematically they are relegated. Rosoman 83 played two back-to-back seasons in the second tier. Next season they will play in the 3.MFL South.

Gradski stadium in Pehchevo
Kit-Go – Sasa 1:1 (1:1)
Goals: 18′ Boško Stupić – 5′ Sasho Dukov
Referee: Blagojche Ralevski (Bitola)

Gradski stadium in Gevgelija
Kozhuf – Tikvesh 0:2 (0:2)
Goals: 4′ (pen) Simeon Hristov, 45’+3 Riste Temelkov
Red cards: 85′ Tomica Petrov (K)
Referee: Marjan Stojanovski (Kichevo)

Nikola Mantov stadium in Kochani
Osogovo – Bregalnica 0:2 (0:1)
Goals: 33′ Vladimir Dujovski, 68′ Andrej Kudijan
Referee: Nikola Kostenchev (Skopje)

AMS stadium in Rosoman
Rosoman 83 – Sloga 1934 1:2 (0:1)
Goals: 90’+2 Stefan Todorovski – 5′ Damjan Ivanovski, 70′ Bojan Ivanov
Referee: Vlatko Ilioski (Prilep)

Gradski stadium in Radovish
Plachkovica – Pobeda 1:3 (0:1)
Goals: 46′ Slavcho Janev – 38′ Teofan Ilijoski Kiseski, 48′ Darko Grozdanoski, 65′ David Josheski
Referee: Bobi Velichkov (Veles)

2.MFL East 2020/21

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL

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