2.MFL East, West and Cup draw made

Macedonian second leagueThe draw for the new season in the Macedonian second league East and West as well as the Macedonian Cup was eventually made today.

Because several clubs had not confirmed their participation in the new season, FFM delayed the draw and only made the one for the first league. Today, luckily everything was set for the draw for both second league groups and also for the Macedonian Cup.

For the first time since the 1999/2000 season the second league will feature two groups: East and West. Both will have 10 clubs with the winners gaining promotion. The runners-up will face each other in a play-off game to determine the participant in the promotion/relegation play-off against the 8th-placed team from the first league. The new season in both groups will start on 27 August with the half-season ending on 25 November. The format remains the same from last season, each team will face every other team three times. The schedule for the first two periods wsa made today, while for the third will be known after the end of the second.

Problems occured in the East group when Turnovo announced that due to financial problems won’t participate and will start from scratch in the fourth league. Obviuosly those problems were overcomed as eventually they did sign up.

These are the 2.MFL East matches of Round 1:

Plachkovica vs. Sasa
vs. Tikvesh
vs. Kozhuf
vs. Bregalnica
Pobeda Valandovo
vs. Borec

To view the complete schedule of the first two periods in the East, click here (in Macedonian language).

The group West had no such problems except for the possible fusion between Zajazi and Vlazrimi 77. The first being from the village of zajas near Kichevo, while the second fromKichevo with both played at the same venue, they had an idea to join forces for a much stronger club. However, they could not reach an agreement on which clubg should continue to exist and which to go down in history so the idea collapsed.

These are the 2.MFL West Round 1 matches:

Gostivar vs. Lokomotiva
vs. Gorno Lisiche
vs. Labunishta
vs. Zajazi
Makedonija GjP
vs. Vlazrimi 77

To view the complete schedule of the first two periods in the West, click here (in Macedonian language).

The Round of 32 draw in the Macedonian Cup also took place today. Since 31 clubs will participate, one club will start directly from the next round. The draw decided that the lucky team will be Rabotnichki. One game will be played with penalties in case of a draw. The games will take place on 16 August.

Round of 32 matches:

Gostivar (II) vs. Shkendija (I)
Zajazi (II) vs. Shkupi (I)
Vardar Negotino (III) vs. Gorno Lisiche (II)
Tikvesh (II) vs. Renova (I)
Belasica (II) vs. Pelister (I)
Kozhuf (II) vs. Novaci (II)
Ohrid (III) vs. Skopje (I)
Borec (II) vs. Vlazrimi 77 (II)
Teteks (II) vs. Turnovo (II)
Mogila (III) vs. Sileks (I)
Osogovo (II) vs. Bregalnica (II)
Plachkovica (II) vs. Pobeda (I)
Struga (II) vs. Makedonija GjP (I)
SSK Nova (III) vs. Akademija Pandev (I)
Lokomotiva (II) vs. Vardar (I)

Simnhe Vardar and Shkendija have Europa Legaue play-off games on the 17th, their Cup games will probably be postponed.

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