Moment of the Shkupi - Bashkimi game; photo:

10 games out of Skopje for Shkupi

Moment of the Shkupi - Bashkimi game; photo: punished Shkupi for the heavy incidents in the derby match against Bashkimi.

After the final whistle of the derby game of Third League North Round 18 between Shkupi and Bashkimi at the Chair stadium in Skopje that ended goalless, few domestic fans entered the field and attacked the visiting players. One Bashkimi player was stabbed while two other were beaten.

FFM these days announced the punishment of Shkupi: they will have to play 10 games 50km outside Skopje and will have to pay €1.000. That means that in the rest of the season Shkupi won’t play at Chair again. 6 home games of this season plus 4 from the next is the outcome of the heavy incident. This weekend Shkupi is visiting Besa in Slupchane.

Shkupi and Bashkimi are fighting for the promotion play-off sport with Bashkimi leading the table with 4 points more than Shkupi, but Shkupi has a game in hand. During the winter break, Shkupi, which is formerly known as Sloga Jugomagnat, fused with Albarsa and took their place in the North.

Third League North table after Round 20.

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