1.MFL – R17: Vardar – Rabotnichki 0:0 (Video)

Vardar and Rabotnichki shared the points in the derby of the 17th round.

Vardar and Rabotnichki shared the points in a goalless draw in the last Autumn football match this season. Both teams entered the match with one wish in mind, winning and getting the first place before the long winter break. Vardar had a three points advantage over their city rivals Rabotnichki and managed to hold it. Prior to the game, Rabotnichki had 8 consecutive wins but were eventually stopped, although they were not defeated.

The match itself was a typical for such a derby. Both teams were too cautious and focused on their own goal primarily. Both teams had some chances throughout the match but neither managed to produce anything serious and the match eventually ended with the most unpopular result – 0:0.

Vardar – Rabotnichki 0:0

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Macedonian first league returns with the 18th round on the 1st of March, 2015.

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