1.MFL Power Rankings 18/19 (Edition I)

Take a look at our comparison of the form of all first league participants over their last six matches played before the Nations League break.

The Power Rankings table is totally different than the real top flight table mostly because of Belasica’s great form and the underperforming of Rabotnichki. Despite being on the 7th place, Belasica has recorded 4 wins, 2 draws and not a single defeat in their last 6 matches making them the best in form team.

The ranking include the last 6 matches for every team. Keep in mind that both eight-final legs of the Macedonian Cup are included. That means that all teams except Renova and Shkupi have two cup and four league matches, while these two have only league matches. Included are all league matches from Round 6 to Round 9, while for Renova and Shkupi are also included their matches from Rounds 5 and 4 since they were not part of the cup eight-finals.

Rank CHG Teams RCRD
1 4-2-0


Relegation struggling Kangaroos are currently the best in form team. After the conclusion of the transfer window they brought balance into the teams thanks to the few new arrivals and starting playing better and better.
2 4-1-1


First league leaders Vardar spoiled their perfect record with the cup games. Both the defeat and the draw happened in that competition as they decided to play with reserves and youth places. That put them into second place here.
3 3-2-1


The title holders and not in good form but do good here thanks to the two cup wins against second league side Kit-Go who were never a match for them. They would have been lower is we counted only the league games.
4 3-1-2


The Monkeys are another team that that profited from the cup with two wins. So far they proved to be a tough to beat team and even defeated Shkendija on the road.
5 2-3-1


Ups and down for the Lions from Gjorche. They eliminated Vardar from the cup, but can’t find a real form in the league and their results and inconstant.
6 2-2-2


A true hot and cold form for Sileks. Two wins, two draws and two back to back defeats in their last six matches. But the two wins are in the cup against second league side Skopje. Sileks is highly inconsistent since the beginning of the season so their form is not really a big surprise.
6 2-2-2


Similar like the above team, but with a better ending. Renova entered a three match positive results without defeat. Does that mean that the Djepchishte team is getting in form?
8 2-1-3


Goran Pandev’s academy started great this season and even topped the table. However, they suddenly lost their good form and started giving away points. They currently on a four matches winless run.
9 1-3-2


Rabotnichki is heavily underperforming after a short in form period. The five matches winless run resulted into change of the head coach during this national team break.
10 1-1-4


The bad form of the Pigeons is going on since the beginning of the season. They never managed to play good, got eliminated from the cup in the first round and in the league recorded only one win. Of course, they changed the head coach as well.

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