Vuko Karov 2018

Edition XIX

Participating teams:

club settlement country league
Gorno Lisiche Skopje Macedonia Macedonia 2.MFL West
Teteks Tetovo Macedonia Macedonia 2.MFL West
Tikvesh Kavadarci Macedonia Macedonia 2.MFL East


Tournament poster

All matches played at Gradski stadium in Kavadarci.
Tournament held in a single day.
Italian system used, each match lasted 45 minutes.

25 February

Tikvesh – Teteks 3:1
Mirko Simjanovski, (pen) Gjorgji Mojsov, Darko Dodev – 14′ Valmir Jonuzi

Teteks – Gorno Lisiche 0:0

Gorno Lisiche – Tikvesh 1:0
Andrian Chavoli

Highlights of all matches (from 4:10):

Final standings:

1.  Macedonia Gorno Lisiche 2 1 1 0 1:0 4
2.  Macedonia Tikvesh 2 1 0 1 3:2 3
3.  Macedonia Teteks 2 0 1 1 1:3 1


Best player award: Gjorgji Mojsov (Tikvesh)
Best goalkeeper award: Mirza Durakovikj (Gorno Lisiche)
Top goalscorer: shared between all scorers as none managed to score more than one goal

Mirza Durakovikj receives the Best keeper trophy; photo: RTK


Gjorgji Mojsov gets the Best player trophy; photo: RTK

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