Play-off: Sileks stays in top flight, Tikvesh gutted (Video)

Sileks easier than expected won the play-off for filling the Macedonian top flight as they denied Tikvesh from coming back after 15 years.

photo: moment into the second half


Play-off first round winners Tikvesh entered the matched tired from Sunday’s encounter with Labunishta and had a tough task in top flight side Sileks whose players were resting since the last seasonal round.

Sileks had began as the better side, and they open the scoring first. In 15 minutes Georgiev scored a brace bringing huge disapoitment among Tikvesh’s fans who came in large number. First, he scored a nice goal on a shot from the edge of the area. Later scored on a sliding tap-in from close range after a good cross from the right.

Ivanovski managed to bring his team back in game in the 22nd minute scoring on an easy tap-in from up close. But just three minutes later Serbian forward Rajković put Sileks in double lead again after scoring on a powerful header. Having internationals is one of the advantages for a top flight club in these play-offs as second league clubs are only allowed to register domestic players.

After the break Tikvesh started playing much better and showed determination. That resulted with a goal in the 58th minute when Ivanovski scored his second after getting a ball on the far post.

But Tikvesh never managed to add a third and equalize. They dominated until the final whistle but Sileks never allowed them to create a serious scoring chance.

It is a pity that Tikvesh missed a colossal opportunity to get back in the top flight after 15 seasons of absence. They have crowd and the town of Kavadarci deserves to have a first league club, but Sileks simply once again proved that the gap between first and second leagues club is still very big.

Gjorche Petrov stadium in Skopje Macedonia
Sileks – Tikvesh 3:2 (3:1)
Goals: 12′, 15′ Boban Georgiev, 25′ Marko Rajković – 22′ Ivan Ivanovski, 58′ Gjorgji Mojsov
Sileks: 1. Andreja Efremov; 3. Dejan Blagojević, 6. Hristijan Grozdanoski, 7. Boban Georgiev (90’+2 99. Andrian Chavoli), 8. Filip Duranski (C), 9. Marko Rajković, 14. Filip Milenkovski (61′ 10. Alpaj Jusuf), 16. Viktor Serafimovski, 21. Darko Dodev (61′ 11. Petar Ikić), 22. Denis Ristov, 23. Stefan Kocev.
Tikvesh: 92. Antonio Janev (1′ 1. Aleksandar Igeski); 2. Kristijan Rizov, 3. Darko Digalovski (19′ 8. Marjan Tashkov), 5. Metodija Delov, 7. Ivan Ivanovski, 10. Gjorgji Mojsov (C), 11. Robert Mitev, 19. Marjan Ristovski, 22. Vasko Mitrev, 25. Petar Najdov (84′ 14. Stojan Petkovski), 32. Darko Ilieski.
Yellow cards: Ikić, Georgiev, Jusuf, Duranski, Efremov (S), Delov, Mojsov, Ilieski, Mitev, Tashkov (T)
Red cards: /
Referee: Dimitar Mechkarovski (Skopje)
Assistants: Dejan Nedelkoski & Goce Petreski (Skopje)
Fourth official: Konstantin Vlaho (Skopje)

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