Mario Gjurovski

Mario GjurovskiOriginal Serbian name: Марио Ђуровски / Mario Đurovski
Transcripted Macedonian name: Марио Ѓуровски
Passport version: Mario Gjurovski
Alternative version: Mario Djurovski
IPA: ˈmariɔ ˈɟurɔfskiClub shirt name: Mario
Position: attacking midfielder
Born on 11.12.1984 in Belgrade, Serbia alt
Club: SCG Muangthong United FC, Thailand Thailand
Former clubs: FK Crvena Zvezda Beograd alt, OFK Mladenovac alt, FK Sopot Beograd alt, FK Bežanija Beograd alt, FK Vojvodina Novi Sad alt, FK Metalurh Donetsk alt, SCG Muangthong United FC Thailand, Bangkok United FC Thailand, Bangkok Glass FC Thailand

App/Gls: 12/2

First appearance: 29.05.2010, Villach, Macedonia – Azerbaijan 3:1 (friendly)
First goal: 29.05.2010, Villach, Macedonia – Azerbaijan 3:1 (friendly)


Other goals:
07.09.2010, Skopje, Macedonia – Armenia 2:2 (EURO 2012 qual.)

Thai League: 2012 (Muangthong United)

Other facts:
– he is son of former Macedonian and Yugoslav national team player Milko Gjurovski and nephew of his brother Boshko Gjurovski, also former player of Macedonia and Yugoslavia.
– since he is born in Serbia, in his Serbian passport his surname is listed as Đurovski due to the fact that the Serbian alphabet doesn’t feature the Macedonian letter Gj (Ѓ). Therefore, often when playing for a club he wears Djurovski on the back of his shirt (Dj = Đ).

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