Kjumbev, Ciric rush to help former Vardar champion

Venceslav Simonovski, defender in Vardar’s golden generation that won the title in the Yugoslav league, today lives in extremely poor conditions. On top of that, his health is very bad as well. Panche Kjumbev and Sasha Ciric went to visit him and help.

photo by Panche Kjumbev: he and Sasha Ciric visiting Kicho


Kjumbev went as president of the Union of Macedonian footballers, while Sasha Ciric as representative of the Football federation. Both visited Simonovski in his home in Delchevo, his native town.

“Kicho’s health is currently very poor, but also is his financial state. I and Sasha payed his electricity debt so after 4 years he can have power in his home again. We talked to close family members who are taking care of him and they gave as directions how can we help as well. Our plan is to gather the Macedonian football veterans plus everyone else that wants to help, and raise funds for renovating his house and for buying necessary home appliance.” – wrote Panche on his facebook profile.

Simonovski, now 55-year-old, started his career with Sasa, played for Vardar from 1983 to 1988 when he moved to Spartak from Subotica. In the season 1986/87 he won the Yugoslav top flight win Vardar, the first and only one won by a Macedonian team.

The legend Darko Panchev also announced that he and Vardar will join Kjumbev and Ciric and help their former player.

To all our readers, especially those who remember the popular Kicho from his playing days, you can donate funds by contacting Panche Kjumbev here. If you have problems contacting him, write to us and we will help.

“P.S. Kicho asked about all of his former teammates and sent regards.” – concluded Panche.


  1. 1. Does it have to go through someone’s Facebook account? Donate directly to his (Vencislavs) bank account!
    2. Don’t brag about it just do it!

    1. Reply Post By Filip Zdraveski

      u cant donate through facebook, but u should contact Panche there in order to get the necessary info for donating. I dont know if u can donate directly to Venceslav, probably they have opened a special account for donations.

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