Dostanic left Vardar because of Kosovo

Ratko DostanićSerbian coach Ratko Dostanić left current leaders in the Macedonian league, FK Vardar. He brought his decision to resign because of Macedonian recognition of the independence of Kosovo.

Ratko Dostanić surprised everybody today as he didn’t show up on the morning training with FK Vardar. At the same time he already had left Macedonia without informing the club and the players about his decision. He proved his unprofesionalism by involving politics in sports and allowing himself to influence his career and the progress of the most famous Macedonian football club, because of politics. The Serbian coach who is well known of his very short spell with all former clubs, stated that his decision was personal and brought only for support for Serbia, because of the recognition of Kosovo by the Macedonian government.


FK Vardar from Skopje are current leaders of the Macedonian first league and biggest title candidates. But this surprising decision was not so shocking for Vardar’s fans because of the not so impressive performances, despite the leading position.
On his press conference in Serbia, today he stated that Vardar had five points lead and one match played less. But it’s really not that hard to have a look at the standings in the Macedonian first league and see that his statement is far from true.
After the defeat by Makedonija GjP, it was only a question of time when Dostanić would have been fired and according to some rumors, that would have happened after the next surprise (no win) by Vardar. Most of the comments by the people who have good knowledge about the current situation, are that Dostanić timed his decision so he leaves Vardar during the beginning of the season while holding the leading position so he can be remembered with his good record, before he is fired by the club and at the same time he becomes Serbian hero because his statements that he brought the decision because of patriotic reasons.

Serbian media have been very harsh on Macedonia after the decision by the Macedonian government to recognize Kosovo, but that’s not the case with the objective people who don’t want to involve politics into sport. There are many comments on the Serbian websites and the most interesting one is:
“What would have happened if Dostanić coached Liverpool or Chelsea? Would he have resigned after Great Britain recognized Kosovo?”

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